Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Places, New Love!!

I'm So excited!!
As I said I wouldn't post until finals were over and finals are Over!!
Well, my Anatomy final anyway...tomorrow I have a couple of quizzes to make up from my Comm class and I need to turn in that Theory paper which I totally finished and I have to say, I've very pleased with how it turned out! But sure, virtually over.

And with that comes the start of Summer!! :) At least for me anyway...even if it does still snow periodically (what's up with that anyway!) and the kids are still in school...but Summer for me!

I have Big Plans for this summer!!
Like today! I had my first day volunteering at an animal shelter!!! (I try to stay away from specs on here, especially when it comes to jobs...so if you want to know more, you'll just have to talk to/email me :) How Amazing!! What a place!! Everyone's super nice and the pets are super cute and the job is super fun!! - yup that's a lot of supers!

I work in the dog area because at some point in thinking of working there it hadn't crossed my mind that I'm allergic to cats and won't be working with cats. That's the first thing they asked when I got there...but I had planned to work with the dogs anyway.

So I started out by cleaning the stalls for the little dogs, removing all the "goo", putting in fresh clean bedding, filling food dishes! Then I moved on to the bigger stalls and cleaned those out, washed all the windows, again with the food dishes.

Then! I got to play with the most beautiful dog!! Bear, a big fluffy white Amazing dog! The people there said he was sad and won't really eat anything and his owner's sad that he had to leave him and is hoping to be able to pick him up again sometime. In the meantime I'm happy that I get to enjoy him! We went for a walk along an aqueduct next to a river, it was So beautiful! And the weather outside was perfect! I think Bear thinks he's a small dog or doesn't seem to care that he's not... he kept jumping up on me...I've got some very large scratches, but even more I was just happy to see him enjoying himself, running and playing, he's a beautiful runner!

Overall I felt something today that I haven't felt in a long time, something I feel that I ought to feel all the time...but in reality I think it's such a rare thing for most people to feel...or to at least notice feeling...and that would be Purpose.

...it's the best way I have for describing whatever it was I was feeling. I was working on something that had great purpose, something caustic and good and wonderful. You know, that spark that puts the extra bounce in your step, makes you sing all day and feel Happy!

I can honestly say that being a mom, working at the library, going to school, writing my novel all give me this feeling too, many things give me this feeling...there was just something specific about today and being in that place ...it was nearly overpowering and completely wonderful!

It's my wish that you, too, are doing something in your life which gives you such a feeling, or even better, many things! but if you're really not, cuz some people just haven't found that thing yet, then I say begin your Quest! Find that thing! Even if it means doing difficult things, like quitting the job you really hate, or moving to a different state, whatever it takes - believe me, it's So worth it!! And the best of wishes along your journey!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And The Sun Goes Down...

I decided to hold off on blogging about a paper I'm supposed to do and actually do the paper instead...maybe I'll get to blogging about it later... if you don't know what I'm talking about or why, you should really read the last post if you haven't already - truly Amazing poetry!!

In truth I probably won't blog again until after this semester is over, which I Guess is like pretty much next week, and then there's finals the following week? EEE! I have to say this semester has been quite epic. Lets see what details I can recall...

Anatomy: Explaining to Lily about bone growth and why her legs are hurting, with demonstration pix from my textbook. Learning exactly what a brain aneurysm is just two weeks before one of my amazing friends has one! (He's doing much better, by the way, YaY for medical technology and amazing doctors!!) Studying for Days for a test just to end up with not a passing grade! (...story of anyone elses' life?)

Spanish: I can't talk about it. No. I really can't and yes it really was That bad! egh. Lets just say I get to do it All over again Next semester! (er...that would be as in in the fall!)

Interpersonal Communications: Watching the Family Stone for the first time. Watching a clip from both While You Were Sleeping and My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Listening to some country song and having the whole class be shocked I've never heard of it (Yack to country!! EwE! Really?) ((LoL sorry ...guess that'd be my East Coast side jumping out there.))

Critical Theory: (Aah Yes! My very favorite!) Reading, Learning, Discussing, Debating some of the greatest literary theorists of all time! Including Derrida, Foucault, Berube, Aristotle and Plato (who knew!), Levi-Strauss (only I still can't figure out the relation between him and the jeans...) ((and why are they all men?)) (((we discussed that point too and it turns out there were some women too...like...well, that might have been where I'd stopped reading))) ((((and no, I really don't think my professor will ever read this ;))))

Oh yeah...and then there's Life that happened too: moving to a new apartment... ...wow...either my memory really has become that bad or that's all that really went on this semester...quite uneventful compared to previous semesters! We Love the new place, by the way! Just delightful!

LoL Speaking of having moved, this may make no sense, but I think it's very funny! I met with my counselor today and I've only really been seeing him about once a month and in several previous sessions I mentioned the apartment I lived in and how I'd Love to move cuz it'd gotten cruddier and very neglected by the manager...
Anyway I guess last session I'd finally "officially" declared I'd hold off on moving till next year some time.
So in today's session, I don't even remember exactly how it came up...but I mentioned in passing something like: "well, and with moving to a new place and blah blah blah..." and there's this lengthy pause and he's looking at me and finally says, "so...I'm assuming when you say 'moving to a new place' you mean figuratively? You didn't actually ...move...?" and I answer him: "Oh yeah! Didn't I tell you?? I moved over Spring Break! It all just happened so fast!"

Anyway...Wow, are you Still reading? Alright! Well Thank you and Ciao for now till after finals!!
Wish Me Luck!! :) I'm Sure I'll Need It!!!


P.S. I think my crockpot bbq pulled pork is ready!! :) mmmmm yummy!! how exciting!